“168 hours”: Castration – the most terrible punishment for a man

“168 hours”: Castration – the most terrible punishment for a man

The reproductive organs of eunuchs were offered as gifts

Harems, inhabited by countless beauties, became a special world, inaccessible to the uninitiated. The days passed in monotonous pursuits, carrying with them an insatiable longing. Naturally, the “eunuch” was not alone in the vast harem. “Sexless” overseers, servants, confidants and spies swarmed among the bored wives. They were also melancholic.

The German orientalist Peter Scholz described the feelings that possessed the souls of the castrati, who frolicked among the half-naked beauties: “They were oppressed by inner duality, their souls were always tortured, torn between unsatisfied male passion and female impotence, between meekness and cowardice.

They were sensual and timid, arrogant and vulnerable,

haughty, dreamy and lazy, they were akin to the wives imprisoned with them in the harem. Only the appearance of the master, now and then, and for a short time, interrupted the idle vanity, the lazy intrigues, and the wearisome, drowsy bliss of the indistinct days. Gone are the days when… – I would like to say, but the days of court eunuchs are not gone to this day.”

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