“168 hours”: Analysis of Putin’s university colleague: He is a counterintelligence officer, looking for enemies

The Russian president has not taken off the spy mantle in his thinking and actions, and this is evident in the special operation

Our paths in “fraternal” services ran parallel without crossing

This analysis of the counterintelligence officer Pavlin Pavlov, author of many books, is valued by the fact that he was a graduate student with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the same time. The two are formed as professionals with roughly the same commitments.

In 1981 – 1985, Pavlov was a graduate student in Moscow and prepared a dissertation on the contemporary politics of West Germany. Thanks to this and his stay in the Russian capital, Pavlov witnessed many processes that marked the transition. The topic is debatable and everyone is entitled to an opinion and point of view.

While working on Germany, Pavlov also met the legendary peacemaker Petra Kelly, about whom he wrote last issue. Now he analyzes how Putin would react from now on after the referendums in Donetsk and Luhansk.

Do we know who we are dealing with, do we know Putin and the Russian people who elected him as their leader.

During that difficult period in the history of Europe, in the first half of the 80s, which I mentioned earlier, I had the opportunity, incredible as it may sound, to meet Putin. A fleeting and absolutely accidental meeting in the special hall of the Lenin Library of two graduate students with largely similar professional interests. He had been referred to me as a colleague who diligently and almost round-the-clock worked on his dissertation materials. If it weren’t for his name, which sounds peculiar in Bulgarian, I wouldn’t have remembered it. Be that as it may, for a long time our paths in “fraternal” services ran parallel without crossing, which gives me some reason to reflect on his personality and some peculiarities in our characters which then formed us and which have undoubtedly remained with us until today. And which for him are extremely important for his present as the leader of a warring country.

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