13 PICTURES reveal the nightmare Princess Diana lived through

The life of public figures is difficult. Neither the good nor the bad can remain hidden for long because there are prying eyes everywhere.

The fact that things were not going well between the then Prince Charles and the current King Charles III and Princess Diana became clear almost immediately after the wedding. Photographers captured every step of the couple, and Diana is still considered the most photographed woman in the world to this day. However, her phenomenal popularity was at the end of the marriage.

Now the whole world knows that Charles has been in love with another woman all his life with Lady Di. For the first time, Princess Diana publicly admitted this in a scandalous interview with the BBC in 1995. Then she said something that became a catchphrase: “There were three of us in this marriage.”

During the conversation, she admitted that she was in love with Officer James Hewitt. The next day, Prince Charles filed for divorce (at Queen Elizabeth II’s suggestion). Some believe that if it weren’t for these revelations and the subsequent divorce, Diana would still be alive today. The reason is that they believe that then she would not have lost her title, royal privileges and above all special personal protection.

Another thing became clear some time ago from Princess Diana’s personal astrologer. In her interview, it is clear that on the eve of the marriage between Charles and her, the prince admitted to her that he did not love her. Then Lady Dee even wanted to break up the wedding.

We do not undertake to evaluate the credibility of these facts, nor the statement that Charles did not love his wife. In some archive photos, they look really happy and in love.

Yet clearly something about this union has made the princess look unhappy on more than one occasion, and it shows in her sad and at times blank stare.

We’ve collected 11 photographic proofs that Diana often couldn’t hide her sadness, even when the camera lens was pointed at her.

Charles and Diana went on tour in 1983 (just two years after the wedding) and it marked the beginning of the end of this marriage.

This trip coincided with the Australians’ desire to withdraw from the Commonwealth. It is also Diana and Charles’ first overseas tour as the Crown was in danger and it was important to make a good impression.

The growing tension between them had to be hidden in the interests of the monarchy.

During the first days, Diana looked tense, tired from the long journey and sunburned. It was all very stressful for a girl only 21 years old. Journalists expected the deafening failure, but it did not happen.

The unexpected happened – after a few days she got used to everything and started communicating with the Australians who came to see the prince and princess. She joked with everyone, took pictures, told details about little Prince William and even asked an Australian man if he had any whiskey in his bag.

Everyone began to adore Diana at this very moment, and there were even headlines in the newspapers that Australians now wanted the monarchy. All eyes were on her, and no one paid any attention to Charles. The prince, who had only heard compliments about his wife for the entire 4 weeks, was furious.

Later, Diana herself admitted that the media’s attention to her caused jealousy. Due to this, many difficult situations arose and this was the beginning of the end.

Diana and Charles returned from the airport in different cars and went to different addresses, writes


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