113 million-year-old dinosaur footprints appear in dried-up river bed (PHOTOS)

Dinosaur footprints about 113 million years ago have appeared at the bottom of a riverbed that dried up due to drought and heat. The case is from Dinosaur Valley Park in Texas.

“Most of the footprints we found are along the length of the river in the park. They are of Acrocanthosaurus. “The adult specimens weighed nearly seven tons and were over 4 meters tall,” a park spokesperson told CNN.

The intense heat caused the river in the park to dry up completely in places, thus exposing the steps. More than 60% of Texas has been affected by the drought for the past two weeks. Under normal weather conditions, dinosaur footprints are underwater and filled with sediment, making them almost invisible to researchers.

The steps are expected to disappear very soon as the forecast shows rain in this area of ​​Texas.

Dinosaur footprints are just some of the discoveries that have been made due to the drying up of various water reservoirs. The remains of five people have been found in Utah’s Lake Mead in recent months after the reservoir dried up to 27 percent of its full capacity.

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